Why and How to Play Fading Bridge

Don’t use the fading bridge card game rules just because they are convenient and easy. I have played this game for a number of years, and I will tell you why it is often misleading and lazy. The other players seem to play by this same behavior, so it will keep happening.

Now, let’s look at the fading bridge card game rules, one paragraph at a time. Let’s examine the first paragraph and see if it tells the truth.

Players start by laying down a single bridge. This is usually laid out like a rectangular table. The top surface of the table is normally marked by markers.

After playing all your cards, you must discard all the bridges from your hand that are not on the table. The purpose of this is to keep track of which cards you are left with.

At this point in the game, you have ten minutes to search for another solution to your problem. You do not have to worry about being penalized for failing to pay attention. In fact, if you do not remember what you did in the previous round, you can simply start the new round with the same starting card you played before. If your math skills are good enough, you can shuffle the cards, re-use the same bridge card and throw the rest back into the bin.

Then, the other players get a chance to find their solution. This is usually the problem cards and anything else they think can solve the problem they face.

As a player, I am looking for another way to solve my problem. I don’t necessarily know that there is a different solution out there. I don’t even know how to findit. So, I discard the remaining cards in my hand, looking for a second solution to my problem.

The cards I’m going to discard are a random selection of cards I think might be useful. They include the most frequently used cards such as the folding bridge, the wall bridge, and the bridge that are on the table next to the deck. These are all places where most of the players shuffle, re-order, and discard the cards they have. I discard the cards I don’t need.

Then, I look for any more card I can discard. There are two possibilities. I can discard a card with a number on it and not look at the others. Or, I can discard a card and find a way to solve my problem using it.

When I finally look at the other cards, I often have the problem solved but didn’t find a solution for my bridge. In other words, I can discard one or two cards. I also know that at least one of these cards will have the answer to my problem. I would have discarded something else if I could have found another card with the same answer.

Now, let’s look at the fading bridge card game rules one more time. The table is marked with the same markers are used throughout the game. You always keep track of which cards you have and which you discard.